Tulum 2019

Letter from Playa Tulum


I see how concerned you are by my appearance and I can feel the sadness in you right now. As you know I am the beginning, I am strength, I am energy, I am innocence, I am the blood that runs through the veins of this planet and without my furious tides nothing would exist.

A long time ago humanity was impressed by my beauty, I greeted them with the sound of my welcoming tides and nowadays nothing you see can be compared to all the abundance I used to possess before it was depraved by your people.

I have gone through many transformations. In the past I used to be considered sacred, respected and even honored. 

You have harmed many of my species, they can’t even find food to eat because of everything you have taken away from us. They will keep dying and continue to become extinct. 

I have always been generous to your people but you, you continue to extract, to exploit, to abuse and all I can do is continue resisting, although I am not sure for how long I can keep breathing.

Where there used to be life now there is only plastic  encrusted in me. I witnessed so many species that now I just don’t see anymore. 

Despite all odds I am constantly reinventing and trying to resist. Your indifference is one of the greatest threats to me. 

I moan in the middle of the dark night skies, I fear that one day I will stop being beautiful to you and your people. The day my beauty is over then I know you will never come back to visit me.

How can I remind you of our ancestral relationship. I want you to know I will always be here, fighting for my life. Please remember that I am also vital to you because I am life. I am dying, please know that I am not invincible and that I will be here waiting for you to care.