Tu mirada stays in my HEART FOREVER

There is something that attracts me to eyes, when I first meet someone the first thing I do is stare deep into their eyes. They don’t lie and I can see their soul thru them.

In particular there is a pair of eyes that I deeply admire, the eyes of the man that came to my life more then 10 years ago but that since 2010 I had the honor to be in his life and has left me with many lessons. The eyes of this man express sensibility, love, passion and peace. These eyes express soledad y profundas heridas.

Since 2014 our relation broke up and since then we have had some communication but I know that even  though he is a strong worrier he is going thru difficult times.

I have to accept that I deeply miss him, his friendship, his love, his funny side, his smile, his voice and his heart.

I never thought I could love some one this way and like he once said to me  “I will never find someone that will love me like you did..”   I know that for now there is still a lot of pain within you…

I will continue on with my life, but as the moon rises at night I promise I will always pray for you where ever in the universe you and I may be. I will pray for your happiness and I plead to life that who ever you may be with can be able to love and appreciate the person you are..

My love is so true that all I can wish for is for your happiness even if it is not by my side.

I never thought of actually drawing your eyes in my heart but the day I did it was like an even stronger connection took place between your soul and mine. I do it as a symbol of admiration but also as a reminder that I am a strong person that will continue with her life doing what she loves y con la Mirada en alto..

May life always bless you and may you always know that some where in this enormous universe there will always be a Paloma Viajera ( just like you would call me) remembering you.

Rezo para que tu ojo un dia vuelva a recuperar la vista y que tu alma encuentre esa claridad y paz.