The struggle is not over …

“I am starting to see that beautiful side of Mexico , I want to travel and keep crossing borders” these are the word that end the interview for PBS News Hour.

Life can certainly change from one moment to another, as it has always been the case for migrants, we never know what will tomorrow be like, if we will be in the same place or if we will suddenly be in a foreign country that is called ours.

I shared in this interview that reinsertion has not been an easy task neither for me nor for my fellow @tros Dreamer but back in September before this interview  life was showing me the bright side of the Moon. I was in the process of applying for a B1/B2 Visa, my family , my jobs and college, everything was starting to fall into place but suddenly…

My dream of concluding a Bachelor’s degree vanished from one moment to another, one day I was in class getting ready for finals and the next moment I am sitting at a beautiful hotel listening to the school faculty announce the closure of the school and the closing of majors including mine and with that the dream of walking across a stage with a black cap and gown in early 2017 blew away in a sigh.

I now have a B1/B2 Visa approved and I don’t feel a complete happiness in my heart, the struggle is not over just because I have a visa to travel  back and fourth. It has helped a lot in my  personal growth and I am glad I am able to get on a plane and go meet my nephew in 9 days, but I am not the only one that was leaving in exile nor the only one that has been facing all these reinsertion obstacles.

I am not the only one that wants to be with their family in good and bad times, I am not the only one that is sitting in a room alone and away from the arms of a mother or a child. Just like many of my @tros Dreamers friends that are here in Mexico deported or returned the fact is that we have been and continue to be in exile with the clock hands moving on faster and faster. W have missed so many moments with our loved once and all this loneliness and sadness transforms into anger and frustration against a government that keeps separating families and criminalizing us as migrants and I am referring to the US, Mexico and even at a global level.

The closing of my college has disappointed me a lot and I am resenting this country and its government and with that the lack of effective public policies.

The struggle has been here for years and it continues with even greater power but besides feeling resentment and anger I am transforming it all into empowerment, strength and commitment to put my little grain of sand.

This why I am not all yet satisfied nor proud of a B1 /B2 Visa until more   and more of my fellow Dreamers in Mexico are able to be in their homes with their families. Until Migrants are not seen as criminals and families stop being separated. Until we can all have the freedom of mobility across a land that was given to all of us by a God.

Meanwhile every positive story is like fuel to my heart.

I let all of you with this well done episode for PBS News Hour that I shared with a great human being named Viridiana Vargas from who I learned a lot that day and admire more.,