Supposing, what would it be like?

Since our last “I love you”, I find myself still thinking on What would it be like to be standing in front of you?

I haven’t  seen you in many years, last time I was so close to seeing you, real close, like literally outside your front door house.

It is weird, how I can be excited, happy, busy, with my life. I enjoy every bit of it. I feel loved by many people. I feel very blessed with all that is going on in my life.

but… another side of me, misses you, wants to see you, wants to hug you.. I am not always thinking about you… but when you strike in, it hurts… when a song, a place, a word, a photo, a date… when I am sad or when I am really happy, you always pop into my head.

Will I ever see you? When? Next year? in 5, 10, 20 years?

If I do, what will I do? How will I react? Will I ran towards you? How will it be to look into each others eyes? Will my heart be beating really fast? What will we say? Will I even be able to talk?

Will I forget about you one day? Will you just be like any other memory?

I plead to Life for your happiness.. I hope you are smiling.

A long time since we last said “I love you” and I still love you like if it had been 3 minutes ago. I guess life will take care of everything, I guess life will one day just fade you away from my mind and heart.

All I can do for now is just assume, guess and wait… wait until the day our hearts can confront each other and until then I will go on with my life just like I have done until now.