Stagville Plantation in Durham, North Carolina,March 2017

Stagville is one of the largest plantations of the pre civil war south. The plantation belonged to the Bennenhan-Cameron family which held 900 slaves and almost 30,000 acres of land in 1860. It is considered to have been one of the largest plantations.



Stagville represented for me a trip to the past. In this photograph I did not only capture the lovely view but most importantly I was able to capture the decedent´s feelings.


A pot used by slaves to prepare their food.


This was a very moving experience for all of us, we could feel the energy floating in the wind. It was impacting to be in the lands, homes and places where slaves were being held.


The stairs going up to a room, this was one of the homes where families lived.


Now n days the land is surrounded by young trees, these are recent since back in the days it was mostly plain land.


In this image I tried to capture my feelings, this is the outdoors of the slave quarters.


As I walked inside I stopped and saw the view out this window, and I could imagine freedom.


Some objects in the house, used to clear and cook.