Separating and Migrating

Photos and videos are great tools because now 25 years after I can see them and know more about my past. I can see photos of my parents before conceiving me and how they looked. I can see fotos of me in mom’s tummy and how I was a wanted and loved child. WAIT, I am confused now because  I can only see photos of my mom and I in México. I was like 2 or almost 3 years but where was my dad at? Why wasn’t he with us anymore? I have seen him in many photos holding me as a baby but where did he go? Why did I find a photo of my mom and I with a message on the back saying “we miss you dad and love you”. At that moment I closed the album and starting asking my mom.

She told me a story that at first I couldn’t understand.

“When you were little your dad had to cross a boarder and travel to another country and we had to stay in Mexico”.

I interrupted “Why? Where did he go? Why didn’t he take us? Did he not want us with him?”

She continued ” He had to go, he did it because he wanted something better for us. He had always worked in construction but that wasn’t gone pay him enough for us to have a better life. Months later he had asked a couple who had been great friends with him to please let us go with them through the boarder. His friends accepted and we met them before getting to the boarder. The plan was to hide in the car as we approached to the checking point, but it started to rain so hard that when we arrived to the checking point we got the green light and that ment going ahead without having to stop for a check up. That was a miracle because we crossed as documented. That is how we got to Dallas, TX and arrived to your dad’s apartment and finally were together as a family”.

I remember getting to the apartment and seeing my mom hug this man with long hair. The awkward moment was when she said “ven mija, hug your father”. I was like  no mam he is not my father because he has women hair. I later than got convinced that he was my dad.

My parents loved me so much that they sacrificed and migrated to the United States in order for me to have better opportunities and to have a better life. I don’t see how this is a crime, migration is something birds and people do in order to survive and offer something better to their family. This is how it all begins.. At the age of 3 I am in the United States with my parents in the city of Dallas.

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