In this section you will find my entire MIGRATION process. You will read about when my life as Migrant began at age 3, my childhood in Texas, my teenage years in Georgia, when I migrate back to Mexico at age 18 and the process of also returning after 7 years to the place I migrated in the first place (United States aka home).

You will immerse yourself into my process of growing up normal, having to make a difficult decision, being back to a foreign country where I am citizen and also what it means to return to the place I called home for over 16 years. It is an identity maze from which I am still learning to figure it out.

Welcome to one of millions of stories of migrant youth and our trans national families…

I hope these lectures will be of any help to your life and understanding  Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any further help or if you need a listener.

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