Meeting a CHINGONA in person

CHINGONA  is a strong word that is used to describe an absolutely great person.

I had the honor to meet one this week in Northern California. Claudia and I had been in contact through out social networks for the past 3 years. She was the first to reach out to me, we were both struggling in Mexico. She is actually the person that introduced me to LOS OTROS DREAMERS. This is something my memory had blocked maybe because it was a very hard year, but during our trip to Northern Cal Claudia reminded and proveed me that she was the first person to do so. I can now acknowledge that she was the person  that made a difference in my life in the moment I most needed it.

For the past years I had seen Claudia in many press interviews regarding the civil disobedience she was part of (BRING THEM HOME) and then all the hard work she did for over  2 years so that her husband could be released form Eloy detention center. I had been in contact with her and read how great people expressed about her but, actually being with her for 3 days really taught me a lot.

We have so many things in common, we have a strong spiritual  connection, it was a privilege to be with a really strong and powerful woman. I was able to see through her eyes all the pain, but also all the hope and love that is within her The way she fights for not only  her beliefs and rights but also for others is so amazing. She is the kind of person that will always be there and in exchange I can only be there for her always and acknowledge my admiration and respect.

Seeing her drive for hours, since early 3:00 am in the morning, late at night, not sleeping for days, being tired and even driving at night throughout that crazy 101 free highway just relying on google maps and having to deal with all those crazy drivers it almost felt like we were trying to survive and make it back to the hotel. How many people are willing to do all that? Claudia is an Otra Dreamer and I want to apologize again for not understanding that you can also feel our struggles on this side because you also went and are still fighting for them.

The only feelings I have for you are respect, admiration and appreciation. I promise I will always be by your side just like you have been by mine since we first met in 2013.

Claudia Amaro is more then a CHINGONA…