A network of deportees/returnees and it’s paths

It was the last week of September 2014, it was the first time I was going to meet and interact with deportees and returnees, and I was excited because I knew I was going to be surrounded by people that understood everything that I had experienced for the past five years. I have to admit that I did see some quiet and concerned faces throughout that Transnational weekend although at the moment I wasn’t able to understand the reasons until recently.

A social movement is a group of individuals/organizations that are focused on a specific political or social issue. Los Otros Dreamers was a group of individuals that got together for that weekend with the idea of interacting, attending a presentation and some of us with the hope of becoming a movement.

The one thing that the members of Los Otros Dreamers that were part of that weekend have in common is that we all were born in Mexico, lived in The United States and we were back in Mexico as deportees or returnees.

It appeared that we were all fighting against the same big monster (a broken immigration system), unfortunately later on I figured out that wasn’t true. There have been different paths that are not necessarily taking us to the same direction.

On one hand some members want to be convinced that there is “A Mexican Dream” and that people in the US that have been struggling as undocumented for years should just give up their and come to Mexico, because everybody can make it, you can come and graduate at a very recognized university, have a very good paying job, work your way thru the corrupted, unjust, elitist and unsafe place. If one, two, three or maybe 10, ok let’s go way beyond extreme and say 100 people think this way, is this the reality of the majority?

Somewhere in the between are the people that don’t seem to have interest in getting involved in a possible movement, people with different priorities such as school, work, family and don’t want to get immersed in a political or social issue. We all have priorities it is just that some of us can not just sit and not try to do something about it.

On the other end are the once that have been dealing with all the injustices, stigmas, deportation traumas, victims of kidnapping, assassination, burglary, educational fraud, working abuse, depression, that are separated from their families, that earn minimum wage and the list goes on and on… Do you think the people on this path can advocate and tell others to come live “The Mexican Dream”? Oh and guess what this is the majority of the returnee and deportee population (although some don’t want to admit it).

If you are in “The Mexican Dream” path let me tell you that you have privileges that have contributed to your success and I acknowledge and honor them but that doesn’t mean it will happen to every deportee or returnee, as I have said there are many factors, moments, hearts and souls. We as humans are all different.

There is one path that we should all try to pursue and that is to fight for our bi national rights, human rights and to be tolerant and inclusive of all humans.

If my brother wants to be in Mexico, Graduates College, has the job of his dreams, is satisfied with his income, and enjoys time with his friends and family here in Mexico. I am happy for my brother and if my sister cannot find a job, has her husband in the US, is going through depression , was recently been victim of fraud and just yesterday her child was kidnaped well then please lets fight for her right to be bi national and be in a place where she feels safe and happy.

Let’s see beyond our own privileges and acknowledge that not everybody can enjoy them, the day we are inclusive and we can put ourselves in the shoes and try to see the pain of our siblings is the day we will truly understand that it is not that people want to be victims. It is that we have to tell our stories; we have to tell our realities so that something can actually be done and it takes a lot of bravery to stand up and say it. We are not staying in that black hole, we are telling about this black hole so that we can find help and get out of that hole. So that we can do something about it and fill that hole out so nobody will ever fall in it again.