Growing up in Dallas (my hometown)

Life in Dallas, Texas as a child was actually good and being an only child was not as bad at the moment. I have to admit I was a spoiled kid and not only by my parents. I remember living always with uncles, parent’s cousins and friends. All my childhood in Dallas we lived in an apartment. My parents would always help friends, uncles and cousins by giving them a place to live after crossing the boarder undocumented to the US. My parents would help them find a job and start earning money to save or support their family back in Mexico. So, I could say I was spoiled by everyone who lived in the apartment since I was the only kid around. Now that I watch video recordings I can see how happy I grew up. I had birthday parties. I had many trips and recordings of events at school like for example awards, festivals, lunches etc. My mother worked in a big and rich house for many years. She was in charge of doing the cleaning and cooking. Her boss was so nice and she also spoiled me by letting me be around with mom, playing with their 2 dogs, have my meals and just play around with them. My dad worked for many years in restaurant, so he always brought dinner home. I had a best friend who both of our moms were also friends and Daniela would often go home with me and play. My family and uncles would have picnics, go swimming, play soccer or just have fun at the park. My family and friends would also go to Galveston and spent the day at the beach. I did my first comunion in Dallas at the age of 8 and would often go to church.On Christmas Santa Claus would always bring all the toys I asked him for since I was always a good girl. As you can see my life was as normal as it could be to any American citizen. Well, now that I realize, there were some things that were not quite normal. For example, I didn’t have grandparents, cousins, a brother, and aunts as my childhood friends. I didn’t understand why they were never around. I never experienced what it was to play with or just hang out with relatives. My childhood was mainly with some uncles, friends and parents. I left behind an unknown country called México. All my childhood memories are in Dallas also called my hometown and with the people I grew up and spent day by day.

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