Goodbye 2015

As 2015 comes to an end, I find myself immersed in my thoughts.

This past year gave the opportunity to travel within the country and abroad, I met a lot of people and most important I learned a lot during it. I was able to listen to many testimonies of dreamer that came with DACA and others that were here because a deportation or a in-voluntary decision .

Something I learned is that no matter how many times I may get disappointed about some one or some thing but even then I can’t give up and just stop meeting people or quit doing things. This past year I met wonderful people that really care about what is happening with Dreamers in Mexico and that understand with solidarity means. I also leaned to listen and honor stories from those that are fighting in the other side.

Another huge lesson I had this year is that no matter how scared I am to do something I have to go for it and trust in myself and God.

I have closed many cycles, many chapters, and have forgiven myself and other. This has given me peace and has put me free.

I was able to travel to 3 cities in California to talk about what is means to be a Dreamer in Mexico and even though there were moments where I wanted to run away and even got disappointed I continued and learned a lot about what I want to accomplish and with which kind of allies .

This past year ODA, Otr@s Dreams en Acción was founded and is ready to be born this 2016 with a lot of hope and commitment that it can be a space for deportees and returnees in Mexico to share their experiences and  contribute in their lives. The fight continues and we as migrants are not criminals and deserve to be treated with dignity and with the right to mobility.

This 2015 may have ended in a really crapy way but I have re directed what has happened into an opportunity to change paths that I have faith in God and am sure that we can see the big.picture and know it is for my best.

Thank you to all my true friends, family and to all the amazing people I met this year. I appreciate everything each and everyone of you has taught me.

May God bless you all