Exhibit hall #1 Capturing what represents me



My Canon Rebel T6i  and I are ready to capture the magical moments of life and turn them into everlasting memories. My passion is to capture moments.


La Luna deserved to come out in the first photograph. She is my soul-mate, always here for me, ready to listen without judging.

Dandelion Powerc

Capturing this dandelion, which I discovered in my patio was amazing! The dandelion is a very important and inspiring symbol for me. It is consider to be just “weed”, but in reality is a very strong plan. It is believed that when we blow the seeds from a dandelion and we make a wish this will come true. When a seed is blown by the wind or us, this seed is often not in control of the journey that lies ahead of it. Despite everything this seed will start growing again into a flower and once the life of the flower is over it will be full of more seeds and the cycle goes on and on.

Sunset at Playas TJc

The sea is the place I would love to live forever. It is a sanctuary, I deeply respect it and love to admire it. It is the only place where I can truly renew my life and the closest I feel to a god I call “Life”.


Arum lily is my favorite flower, it is elegant and not an easy one to grow since it requires a lot of patience, but once it is time for it to bloom it is a strong and lasting flower.


Music nourishes my heart and it is a way of externalizing my feelings and mood.