Closing chapters

“I promise I will be back home” Said in June 2008

“I am home” October 2015

I knew that in this trip I would re discover my idenity.

Although I had lived since 2 years in The United States I feared that after 7 years away it might not feel like home anymore.

My heart could not believe it, I felt so free.

As I walked along the Phoenix Airport I would stare out through the windows wanting to rush outside.

As we almost landed to San Diego I could see trees, a school bus, no electric wires. I was among a bright blue sky with puffy clouds that seemed like soft cotton balls.

Along the trip I could not seem to asimilate the idea that I was living a reality.

I was smiling at a drinking water fountain, laughing with all sorts of people. I was impressed at how nice people were, it seemed like they were enjoying their jobs.

As I walked along the streets I realized that people were the way they wanted to be in contrast with México, that people have to act all sorts of ways. I felt like I didn’t have to put on masks, that I could just be me and that felt incredible.

As many of you know I am crazy in love with the sea, the sky and specially with the moon who happens to be my best friend. So walking along the seashore of Newport Beach was a magical moment. I have always admired the sea and moon since I believe it is like being in heaven, in a holy land. It was until that moment as I was standing against the inmensity of the sea when I finally realized where I was and why I was there.

This has been an empowering experience, I needed to be here in order to understand which direction my life was heading, I needed to close some chapters, to heal many wounds and get rid of many blisters.

Now I am a different person, an empowered person ready to accomplish many goals and because of the healing process I went through I have free myself from many chains.