Arriving at 7:50  am at US Embassy
Actually just standing in front of that building made me say ” US Embassy here I go for an approval answer “.

Being in a very strictly and we’ll organized line, listening to the officers yell with their loud and firm voices what objects were not accepted inside and how we as all had to obey every single order otherwise we would loose our spot and time.

Meanwhile through my head went all the possible questions and answers I could give. As I entered and sat on the line number 36 which would take me to the agent’s window for the interview I could see happy faces leaving and others not so happy. As I was indicated to go get in line in window number 42 I  started feeling inside how I wasn’t going to get approved because I bad no bank accounts, no properties, no stable job with high incomes. I was preparing myself for a denied answer.

I step in  and the lady whom the moment I saw seemed nice and also looked a lot like Mrs.Wakeman one of my best teachers since Middle School that helped a lot. she asks me for my passport and DS160 confirmation form. I hand it to her, she scans it and starts asking : Where are you going too? For how long ? Who is paying your trip?

We were talking spanish, suddenly she says ” oh you speak English, right”? I answer with a yes and then she asked me to talk to her about that ? she read I was taken at 3 and then I tell her that at 18 I decided to come back and she asked me about my parents and where they worked… At that point she stands up and tells me with a smile “I  want to give it to you  but wait I have to consult your case”

10 minutes went by and all I could see  through the window was an empty chair with my passport in the desk . Something I had been waiting for more then 7 years was on that desk in the limbo. I was praying and just letting everything to God’s will just like I did the moment I  crossed the border line.

She arrives at the desk and continues to ask me similar questions and then she looks at me straight into the eyes and tells me “it wasn’t your decision at 3 so I will issue your visa and I know you will return and please tell me about the book” I talked a little about it because  all I wanted was to leave and scream of happiness. I think she noticed I left really happy to finally be able to visit home.

As soon as I left I went to Jill’s place and they were waiting for the answer. I wanted to play a joke on them but I couldn’t as soon as I saw Jill my watery eyes and a word said it all. Jill , her husband even Gaia was clapping !! That was a magical and powerful moment that I will never forget.