Being Selfish & Determined

August  14th 2016 – Two of the most popular bands were going to preform today. The differences were that one is Mexican Banda and it is a hit right now, Banda MS and the other one was a worldwide hit decades ago, The Beatles Symphony. Banda MS was expensive and The Beatles was free. I had decided to go with a friend who was not so convinced but at the moment she said she had to stay over time at work. So, here I was at the Feria Nacional Potosina and these two events were taking place here. I received a lot of calls from friends asking and begin so I could go watch MS, but since I knew The Beatles were preforming and with Symphony I wanted to assist.

I arrived early and to my surprise a great Rock band had just gone up to the stage and to my surprise it the singer had been a friend of mine years ago, so I enjoy the show and I met some great girls and guys and we started dancing, and then another Group sang, Elvis Presley’s era songs and the cherry on the cake was The Beatles Symphony which was beyond incredible. I loved it and had one of the best times in my life.

There were actually a lot more people than I expected, it was full but still able to walk around with out being squished or shoved.

There hadn’t been many times where I stand up to what I truly like and enjoy, in this new chapter of my life I am even listening to other kinds of songs and other music genres. I still like Mexican Banda, romantic and the same music but now I am also listening to other things I also enjoy and love.

From starting alone, I ended up meeting new friends and an old friend from the Rock Banda at the beginning and like good Mexicans we ended the night with TACOS.

Dreams Beyond Borders

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