Welcome // Bienvenidos(as)!

Hello, there! I am Maggie, welcome to my safe space! As you walk down the isle you will suddenly be astonished by the beauty of the deep sea, the night is lighten by the immensity of the Luna llena. As you continue walking by the seashore you can feel the breeze, hear the roaring waves and smell the salty water.

As you stop and  read, listen or observe the different pages throughout my island, you are more then welcome to grab a glass of wine, smell some fresh cut gannets, play some music, rest and play with my guitar or take a moment to feel the different photo expos I constantly publish. I hope that some of the pages will be of your interest, will serve as an example or you may even identify with some of them. I starting writing when my life as an immigrant began, which was only a couple of years after my birth. I constantly write about the different process that arisen from their process along my life. I like to write about my constant battle in discovering my identity, understanding my privileges and surviving the best way possible in this Earth. I encourage you to skip along the pages that may lack of interest for you.

Please make yourself at home. La Luna is my most loyal companion and friend; she will always be guiding you along your journey here.She is always by my side when I most need her and she is also a great listener. La Luna offers a special kind of silence that while you are speaking to her, she can plant seeds in your heart that will give you the answers you have been searching.

I welcome you once again to MY ISLAND and on your way out I would love if you leave a comment or write an email about your experience in it. My email is mloredov@gmail.com